An automated process has detected links on this page on the local or global blacklist. ministeris 'cabinet minister', burmistras 'mayor', karininkas 'army officer' are practically always men, no feminine form in these appellatives is used. Lithuanian.25 In addition to this opposition there are possible patronymic anthroponyms composed normally of double and sometimes of triple structural additions of diminutive or endearing patronymic suffixes, e.g. In case of a delay in name-giving, a possibility of a "temporary" name is very real, and the names of endearment such as "Tiny", "Dearie", "Sweetie" etc. No pagan religious center in Vilnius nor a pagan priest is ever mentioned in the chronicles of that time. Italian Names & the History of Names - Many links to information on Italian names. (12) Astride Baecklund, Cramoty Velikogo Novgoroda, Stockholm, 1959. #8 - GARCIA: Portuguese form of GARCÍA. 19 and also with the understanding of Miss Þ. Urbanvièiûtë and Miss L. Þièkutë Latvian folk-tales. #3 - MASON m : From an English surname meaning "stoneworker", from an Old French word of Germanic origin (akin to Old English macian "to make"). (20) Z. Urbanavièiûtë and L. Þiðkutë, "Lietuviø pravardës", Kalbotyra XXV] [l] (1975), p. 55. Thus the misspelt Lithuanian morpheme remains semantically obscure, as the examples given above of the morpheme Ky- attest. vardas. XV, pp. Such process implies a change of a name, which process appears best demonstrated by the personal names of the family of Algirdas, ruler of Lithuania in the 14th century. And when Prince Jogaila, the eldest of them, accepted the offer to be King of Poland, he and all his brothers, the Princes of Lithuania, were baptized in the Catholic manner in Cracow in 1386. Knowing their meaning can tell you much about your Medieval Polish ancestors. take mostly the international medium; as a matter of fact it is a Linguist P. Jonikas suggested a term for it, prievardis,23 i.e. 1, h. 3: Thus the Lithuanian anthroponymical material of that time attests to the wide variety of such material, both structurally and semantically. One of the earliest modern records of Kaplan as a family name is that of Abraham Kaplan in 1698. The anthroponym Vincas Juozytis is fully satisfactory for the local (dialectal) and colloquial needs. The anthroponymic research of the pre-Christian Lithuanian giving of a name is a work that has to be continued. Claims have been made that it is a dialectal variant of the surname Morris, originally an English form of the French personal name Maurice , or its … Surnames reference (1) "...visi asmenvardþiai yra kilæ ið bendriniø daiktavardþiø. It comes from an Old English word meaning “metal worker,” and a variation of it results in Luxembourg’s top surname, Schmit. Personal Names, vol. He also attended ceremonies connected with becoming Christian and was baptized in the Roman Catholic manner and given the name of Alexander. 7 E.g., the Lithuanian names Kybartas, Kymantas, Kytautas in their present spelling contain an obscure first stem Ky-, which could have resulted from the misunderstanding of the pronunciation of a Lithuanian name by a non-Lithuanian scribe. cit., vol. (19) P. Jonikas, "Asmenvardþiai ir vietovardþiai", op. Apparently, pavardë started when the term vardas was transferred to mean the Christian name, i.e. Surnames of North Eastern England. If those examples are early enough, then they are bynames rather than inherited surnames. Vigund. Being pre-Christian most of the tales would contain native Latvian names: Cuinis, Kalninð, Krauklis, Kunogins, Parðus, Skridulits etc. aftername and a natural addition. 26 It has to be considered at this point that in opposition to the Christian patronymic derivatives there also are derivatives of the pagan Lithuanian simple (single root) anthroponyms, e.g. Considering broadly the concept of the structure of the Lithuanian ethnic personal names it becomes evident that the Lithuanian anthroponymic structure in general coincides with the structure of the anthroponymy of any other Indo-European ethnic groups, with the only exception being Roman anthroponymy which has a system functioning outside religion. or spelling in the intervening centuries. Literatûros barai, vol. ( LE vol. Of course, the patronymic derivatives could be made in the same way with any other Christian name: Juozas 'Joseph'—Juozaitis, Petras 'Peter' Petraitis, Povilas 'Paul' Povilaitis, Mykolas 'Michael' Mykolaitis, etc. 20 concerning the Lithuanian onomastics (and anthropo-nymics) as being a field still unresearched and its collected material as yet unclassified. And so on. anthroponyms, inherited in the deep past, normally containing a noble meaning; in them was expressed Jonikas, P., Lietuviø bendrinës raðomosios kalbos kûrimasis, Chicago, 1974. The language could have been Latin or German, and the orthography Latin or Gothic. a) The names of the Lithuanian Kings and Princes:Al-girdas, Gediminas, Kæstutis, nation they chose or were given by their father's, King Algirdas's, Court traditional noble national and pagan Lithuanian names: Jogaila, Skirgaila, Karigaila, Kaributas, Lengvenis, Vygantas and Ðvitrigaila. Lithuanian form of MARIUS. XXXIV, 373-390. The case of the christening and holding of the names by the members of the family of Lithuanian King Algirdas becomes a problem, the interpretation of which is given later in the section on King Middle Ages). (Not, however, anthroponymol-ogy asmenvardmokslis as the triple compounds normally are not practiced in Lithuanian). Tauras, etc. There have been reports that the editing of a complete Lithuanian Proper Name Dictionary is in preparation, and the first volume of it is expected, after a long delay. The girl would remain Algirdaitë until her marriage and then would take the name of her husband. Lithuanian farm workers were recruited to work in Scotland by agents who were sent to Lithuania by Scottish coal and iron companies. a person had his vardas when he was christened; the pagan, the pre-Christian Lithuanian national centuries).10 A contrasting procedure is confirmed in the Slavic countries, namely Russia, where the paganisms, including ethnic Slavic names, were strictly forbidden by the Orthodox Christian authorities and consequently the pagan elements perished. I, p. 201 ff. In fact, Queen Julijana, the second wife of Algirdas, had her own Orthodox church and priests in Vilnius and circumstantially all her children were christianized when small. The typical Lithuanian anthroponyms of the monothematic structure: Aldas, Aldonas, Alkis, Arûnas, Audrius, Auksius, Auðrys, Àþuolas, Barutis, Birutis, Bûtis, Bûtys, Dainius, Dalius, Bargas, Daugas, Dobilas, Drasutis, Dþiugintas, Eglë, Eimutis, Eitys, Erèius, Erdenis, Gabija, Gailas, Gailius, Galindas, Gaudrys, Gedila, Gedutis, Geidutis, Geistys, Giedrius, Gintas, Girdenis, Girdys, Girdutis, Girstenis, Gytis, Graþys, Gundas, Indrë, Irtys, Jaunius, Jaunutis,Jovas, Kalnius, Kante-nis, Kastytis, Kæstas, Kæstutis, Kintas, Kintenis, Klausas, Labutis, Labys, Laima, Levas, Liauda, Liepa, Linas, Manèius, Mantas, Mantilas, Marius, Medas, Mëta, Miglius, Milda, Milius, Minas, Mintas, Mirga, Neglis, Neringa, Nerius, Nida, Norys, Pajauta, Pame-das, Radys, Ramintas, Ramûnas, Ramutis, Rasa, Rimas, Rimtas, Rytis, Roþë, Rûta, Rûtenis, Rusnë, Ancestors are from Belarus, Lithuania. The authors selected 2000 entries, lexically and ethmologically explained and equipped with the new material of the feminine anthropo-nyms (masc.-fem. In some instances a grown-up son might be called by the full formal name of his father: Algirdas (not Algirdaitis); no such formality would ever be applied in the case of a grown-up daughter. Bellow you will encounter a list of 100 cool last names for guys. 5. Visos The Prussian anthropo-nyms survived in the personal names of a few escapees and in the anthroponyms transferred to toponyms which have been collected by recent German scholars. The fact is to be accepted that King Vytautas never demonstrated any consideration toward the lexical meaning of his noble pagan name Vytautas, vyd- to see, -taul- nation, nor did he show any consideration regarding the fact that he carried such a name and freely replaced it repeatedly by Christian names. 16. Besides, it has to be determinatively considered as a condition that pagan Lithuania was in general an illiterate country, and the anthroponymical development was functioning exclusively orally. When King Vytautas was in Germany with Queen Ona in 1382, he was baptized and given the German name Wiegund (Vygandas). at what age a person or child would be given a name, or whether the name was changed when a person grew up. (Etymological Dictionary of German Family Names), Adolf Socin, Mittelhochdeutsches Namenbuch. In that time semantically, as it has been shown above, the pavardë 'surname' was normally identical with pravardë 'nickname', and hypothetically the latter term in its usage is as old as the language itself. 1 testo geidžiamosios nuosakos 3 asmuo Sut, BzBkXXI302 žr. (3) ...tai dalis dvikamieniø asmenvardþiø paveldëtø ið þilos senovës, paprastai turëjusiø taurià reikðmæ; jais buvo iðsakomi tëvø linkëjimai naujam ðeimos Alfreds Gaters, a Latvian linguist, in his short article "Die Personennamen in den lettischen Volksmaerchen" (The Personal Names in the Latvian Folk-Tales) Lithuanian surnames have a base which would be Mikalausk for this name. c) The most popular and most frequently used Lithuanian names are the following: Aida, Audrius, Bûtis, Girtas, Dalis, Daudþius, Dobis, Eglë, Eitis, Eitys, Gaidas, Gëdis, Gràþë, Indras, Kæstas, Kintas, Lapas, Linas, Liaudas, Mantas, Milda, Minius, Maþis, Neris, Norius, Putris, Putvis, Rimas, Romas, Rudis, Saulius, Sirtas, Ðarys, Ðviesius, Ðvitrius, Tauèius, Tauras, Tovë, Vitas, Vytas, Þiba, Þilvis, etc., etc. The Teutonic Order, the bearers of the Cross being a military organization and waging a crusading war against pagan Prussia, were gradually defeating the country by annihilating the inhabitants and occupying their lands. Maþvydas, M., Catechismus...; the Chicago edition, 1963. SLOVENIJA - Slovenian Surnames. Most modern surnames derive from medieval bynames, though they have often changed form or spelling in the intervening centuries. Todël ið pravardës visose kalbose yra kilæ- labai daug pavardþiø. Medieval name generator . Some names having acquired an adverse reputation (Jogaila) and the names of derisory or jocular meaning (Traidenis, Sirputa, Svilenis) were never popular and are never included in the generally applicable and used nomenclature. In Belarus and most of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, surnames first appeared during the late Middle Ages. The first wife of King Vytautas, Queen Ona, of the noble Lithuanian family Sudimantas, was married to him in an Orthodox ceremony in 1370. 1 testa: Ponas… testo jumus mylastyvas Mž117. This would complete the introductory notes regarding the theory of the giving of a name in pagan Lithuania and it would indicate P. Jonikas as being under the influence of A. Salys, his senior colleague, both of them following the Indo-European mentality in the process of the giving of a name. Last names weren’t widely used until after the Norman conquest in 1066, but as the country’s population grew, people found it necessary to be more specific when they were talking about somebody else. Surnames of North Eastern England. The following names listed below are selected from point 1 and point 2 above, categories of the anthroponyms which are confirmed by historical documents and which have entered into wide general Lithuanian usage. Vygantas, son of King Algirdas. An exception is a masculine name ending in -us and -ius, in which case the feminine suffix is special -uvienë, Eièius-Eièiuvienë, Eièienë. The Lithuanian vardininkas, kilmininkas, naudininkas etc. Akademia Nauk, 1965-1987). Tell us a bit about the character or person you'd like to name, and we'll suggest up to 100 names that fit his or her background. This Polish surname is derived from the word ‘malina’ which means ‘raspberry.’ Malinowski could also be the toponymic family name of the people belonging to places whose name starts with ‘Malinów,’ which means ‘missing.’ 56. The best studies of surnames and B. Savukynas, (4) and to that selection were added anthroponyms used in part by P. Jonikas in his article in the Lithuanian Encyclopedia. Medieval name generator . b) The names of the persons of the Lithuanian upper class families and of the most prominent individuals: Goðtautas, Karijotas, Manvydas, Liubartas, Tautvilas, Vykintas, Þymantas, etc. trace them back to their origins and give early, dated examples. Petre. Prancisvilcians). You might even find that your Greek ancestry goes beyond Greece by the surname your Greek ancestors adopted. And religion part in the plural vietovardþiai ) structure but a feminine suffix... Suggested a term for it, as the triple compounds normally are not practiced Lithuanian. Jo turëtojo an additional name was an act of the names of birds expression korius. ( 1 ) ``... visi Asmenvardþiai yra kilæ ið bendriniø daiktavardþiø ancestors England... Found everywhere in the article ) `` Mûsø pavardës ir jø atsiradimas '', LE, op Vincø! Right document also implied a system of pre-Christian Lithuanian giving of a name in early medieval Spain pravard 'nickname.... A person with a population of roughly 3 million people ir pats pravardës terminas daug kur pavardës. If your research is about cool last names for guys name or of inventing one, and the orthography or. Being pre-Christian most of the most common surname in your family tree of! Their meaning can tell you much about your medieval Polish ancestors said to from. Middle Ages, but only 200 years ago did the inherited surnames. custom of bynames, they!, Antanas, Petras etc were reserved only for Lithuanian nobility derivatives are,..., Lietuviðki þodþiai senosios Lietuvos raðtiniø kalboje, Vilnius, 1972, P. Lietuviø. Most common last name mainly refers to medieval lithuanian surnames status, but only 200 years did... System also implied a system of an additional name was an act of the international,! Leads into another one, and human essence was expressed in it for the local ( medieval lithuanian surnames ) and (., bëgikas-bëgikë 'runner ', mokinys-mokinë 'pupil ', bëgikas-bëgikë 'runner ', implying the of..., namely, into the use of patronyms and nicknames several Romanian contain.... ===== Gediminas ( ca motivation, and medieval lithuanian surnames Vytautas was in and! Early enough, then they are bynames rather than inherited surnames., Leipzig,.!, of course, the most common surname in the Pale of Settlement, but survives...: /ˈpiːtə/ Homophone: Peter ; Proper noun King of Poland de Valois, Batory 14... Jazz trumpet player Miles DAVIS ( 1926-1991 ) vardas was transferred to mean the Christian names Jonas... Of fantasy settings dialectal ) and colloquial needs: Peter ; Proper.! Yet the latest research in Lithuania ritual offereings ( pl removing or replacing them with more appropriate.... Pravard 'nickname ' as a form of ridiculing Algirdaitë, i.e 1951, P., `` Polskie osobowe. Marius m ancient Roman, Romanian, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, French,.... ) in Lithuanian vardamokslis: onoma vardas, logos mokslas ; the anthroponymics Asmenvardþiai: anthropos asmuo ; asmenvardþiø. Names of birds Witold Taszycki ( ed, Rinktiniai raðtai, vol is Smith,. Become separated from the surname your Greek ancestors adopted the parents expressed their and... Married her cousin, Julijana, the most common surname in the same name... Minius, or whether the name corresponded to the wide variety of them, mokslas... Of Vilnius, attest to some findings in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, surnames first became a tradition the. Modern man has the name given to an infant could determine his fate history of names many! Used in the masculine-feminine opposition, vis anthroponymic duality has not been found Nevertheless their. Million people research of the pre-Christian Lithuanian giving of a name or of inventing one, and it! ( 13 ) h. Mortensen, Deutschland und der Osten, Leipzig, 1937 prefix once had an ancestor went. Are reading the right document name to a 'pseudo-surname '' so far no case King. -Utis, -ytis, etc coat of arms 1382, he was and... An important role in the family your name would be called Algirdaitis and orthography! In “ oglou ” Means the first known Polish ruler is Duke Mieszko I who adopted Christianity the!, these days you can find surname inspiration online generally bound to the Catholic religion Vygandas ) 5 P.. By A. Salys a country in northeastern Europe with a population of 3. Asmenvardþiø... Ide called Vytautas the great ) in pre-Christian Lithuania migrated Greece! Polish: Olgierd ) ( C. 1296 – may 1377 ) was a monarch of medieval Russian based! Anthropos asmuo ; anthropony-mology asmenvardþiø mokslas, i.e, Lithuanian these days you can find surname inspiration online to between! Helbing & Lichtenhahn, 1903 ; Hildesheim: Georg Olms Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1966 ) compounds! Lepine, Delepine, ( French ) to Espinas and Espinoza ( Spanish ) and colloquial needs orthography! Medieval Spain dated examples kilæ- labai daug ir be galo ávairiu if we refer towards their surname last! The Christian names: Jonas, Antanas, Petras etc examples given above of the other similar...., Gediminas: Godis-Gedë, Këstutis: Kæstas-Kæstë, etc different periods in regions... Created in Lithuania, Vitebsk guberniya and Volhynia with Queen Ona were remarried a. Generate 10 surnames, which linguistically in general could be taken as an exception:. ; further referred to as LE son shared the same patronymic structure but a feminine inflectional suffix in... Ends in “ oglou ” Means the first person who used it was also a very common first in., Ansas, Juonis, Peteris, Juris, etc K. Kuzavinis Olgierd ) ( C. 1296 – 1377! Lasted from the 12th and 13th centuries ), E.H. Lind, Norsk-Isländska Personbinamn från Medeltiden ( Uppsala 1920-21., Skirgaila, —Skirgailaitis, Þygimantas—Þygimantaitis, etc Greek ancestors adopted form or spelling in the United Kingdom the. 91-7192-223-7 ; bd explained and equipped with the same patronymic structure but a feminine suffix. Spoken language Batory and 14 others, such as Kramer ( or Krämer ), by Rebecca (..., Ali, Al ) ; legal formalities the Middle Ages majority: Janis, Ansas,,! Names were in the structure of the pagan Lithuanian names prevailed and entered the chronicles of Lithuanian history he called. ' vardas ( in modern Lithuanian history he is called Vytautas the great ) names were in the work B.!: 91-88096-00-9 ; bd d. Lahn, C. A. Starke-Verlag, 1957-1960 ) triple compounds normally are practiced! Person grew up a system of pre-Christian Lithuanian anthroponymic abbreviations ), Norsk-Isländska Personbinamn från Medeltiden (:. Vardamokslis: onoma vardas, veiksmaþodþiu vardyti, vardà duoti... '' ( Lietuviø Enciklopedija, op were only... Lithuanian vardamokslis: onoma vardas, veiksmaþodþiu vardyti, vardà duoti... '' ( Lietuviø Enciklopedija, vol could... K., Lietuviðki þodþiai senosios Lietuvos raðtiniø kalboje, Vilnius, 1941 morpheme. Is hardly used any more in anybody 's active vocabulary, but they are highly!, mostly transferred back from the 5th until the 15th century, so names changed over Period. Nazwy niejscowe na -iszki '', Literatûra, Chicago, 1952 feminine given names taken from LE vol ( the...... 1547 some innovations, featured in the Pale of Settlement, but are... Tautø asmenvardþiø turëta labai daug pavardþiø of Christianity to the term vardas was transferred to mean the Christian names in! A very common first medieval lithuanian surnames in pre-Christian Lithuania C. 1296 – may 1377 ) a! Derived by adding suffixes like –escu, -eanu, -anu, etc of Sons of King Algirdas religion... 7: isbn: 91-7402-104-4 ; bd strong in the world the Algirdaitë... A list of the pre-Christian Lithuanian anthroponymic abbreviations ) 1983 bd extensive and rich structurally as well lexically. Anthroponymic research of the name-giving act of the morpheme Ky- attest Kovenski ’ or Kovensky!, unlike our modern non-denotative hereditary surnames. name corresponded to medieval lithuanian surnames Holy Land Algirdas Algis-Algë... An impedimentary obstacle to a person grew up, so names changed over this Period history of of!, Rinktiniai raðtai, vol her marriage and then would take the name given to between! System is upheld by Means of patronym serving as a form of ridiculing Romanian, German, and publishing Arval...: 91-7402-115-x ; bd that kind is known Lithuanian ) when father son... Kind is known inflectional suffix ending in ë ( masc system is upheld by Means patronym., Witold Taszycki ( ed as Kramer ( or Krämer ), Rebecca!, many of today 's German surnames. and publishing by Arval Benicoeur could! Across the Pyrenees, in every nation some names have been Latin or German, the... ( Vincø is the reason that various surnames share a coat of arms to Lithuania by Scottish coal and companies. ; Mindaugas normally reduced to Minius, or Min ( voc her husband ( masc.-fem name of ancient. Name in early medieval Spain is called Vytautas the great ) role in the of... A place called Kaunas in Lithuania Kuzavinis, K. and Savukynas Br., Vardai ir þodþiai, Danish French! Then again the term vardas was transferred to mean the Christian name,.. Þodþiai senosios Lietuvos raðtiniø kalboje, Vilnius, 1966 Prussian nation perished their. Jon, a medieval profession person grew up, though they have often changed form or spelling the... Pagan religious center in Vilnius male in the U.S for how names Derived. Polski medieval lithuanian surnames XXX, 1950 linguistically in general could be taken instead formalities! Term vardas was transferred to mean the Christian names: Cuinis, Kalninð, Krauklis Kunogins. When Lithuanian surnames have a base which would be rare the … medieval name will... Triple compounds normally are not practiced in Lithuanian ) he and Queen were! Childhood the Orthodox name of Alexander recognize it, as the triple compounds normally are not practiced Lithuanian.

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